The Urge to Merge

I recently spotted a triathletes vest which read ‘Why be great at one sport when you can be mediocre at 3?’  Well, I am happy to let you know, that even though we may not be great at all things in life, we are great, and extremely passionate about design, social media marketing, writing and travel! Not only are we passionate about them, we are passionate about doing them excellently and we are passionate about providing you with an extraordinary service to take your business to the next level with an unmissable online presence.

Odyssey Travel and ThaiVentures have now merged under Odyssey Online Management to offer you web design, copywriting and social media services in addition to the assistance of business or leisure travel arrangements. An odd combination you say?  Well, we think that salt and caramel are an odd combination to, but hey, when you get a taste of it you’ll know it was a match made in heaven.  We like to stay inspired by all the amazing sites and adventures this world has to offer, and we believe that carries over in our writing and design work as we endeavour to make your business’ online presence rise to new heights.  Stay inspired with us as we work with you to create, to write and to give your business wings.

Check out our website for a full scope of our services: